"War (No More)"

(feat. eL kO - соло китара)

(From the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom 28.8.1963.)
Narrator: Civil rights groups organized a massive march on Washington,
more than two hundred thousand people filled the moan
of the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument.
Martin Luther King: “Cause I have a dream – my four little children
one day live in a nation, where they will not be judged by the color of their skin,
but by the content of their character. I have a dream today!”

What are you fighting for?
Isn't there enough space
for the whole human race?
For God sakes..
I refuse to participate in this rat race
rather than compete with other people
is all I wanna do -
I wanna feel high, not low
I wanna show my true self to this reality,
but it's filled with too much brutality
Too much fear and too much depression,
too much police and too much oppression
We talk about it in every conversation -
you got to be free, oh free from possession
There is something special
about each and everyone of us,
but you just fuss and fight
'bout who got the might,
but who got the mic,
can still tell the people what is right

What are you fighting for?

Insted of making space ships
for making space trips,
we are making special weapons
to make the sun eclipse
We are this and that, but never too real,
this is how much we're afraid from what do we feel
still, there is hope,
'cause every slope has its peak
Be not afraid to speak out loud:
"I am just what I am!"
And there is no scheme, nor no game,
nor no Big bang, or big plan
I have the whole Universe in this verse
You're not the first, and you won't be the last
Don't think 'bout the past - look ahead for the future
Hold on tight and I'll be the teacher

(And it became clear to me, that the war
was doing far more, than devastating the hopes of the poor at home..
It was sending their sons and their brothers,
and their husbands to fight.. And to die
in extraordinarily high proportions,
relative to the rest of the population)

War, we want no more!

bggz rubbit - "War (No More)"

"bggz rubbit" (2011)
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bggz rubbit (2011)