Walkin' late at night
I got noghting but trouble
troubles on my mind
and not enough booze in the bottle

Stars are at my sight
the moon is full with sorrow
and I try so hard
not to worry about tomorow, 'cause

It doesn't matter.. anymore

Where do you go when you got no place to go,
when they cancel all the shows -
see who's really in control

They got you trapped up in a box
'cause your mind's unorthodox
and your life's a paradox, but

It doesn't matter.. anymore

Walikin' all alone,
just drinkin' and thinkin'
what the hell went wrong
and when the alcohol's gonna kick in

Same old shit again
is happening all over
And even if I quit,
there's no way I'm gonna get sober, 'cause

It doesn't matter.. anymore

bggz rubbit · Walkin'
bggz rubbit - "Walkin'"

"Plus Infinity" (2020)
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