When I wake in the morning I'm horny
and I long for your embrace,
bright sunshine comes trough my window
and I'm grateful for all that grace
There are green leaves all around me,
they are fillin' me with joy and laughter
White clouds on the top of the sky,
they are here right now, but where they will go after?
Still some things that are not quite right,
but I don't care 'bout 'em while enjoying the sunlight
I know a few tricks and I'm sure I'll find a fix,
'cause in the end it's all stones and sticks
'Cause I'm kissed, and I'm blessed, and I'm restless,
and I'll find my way out of this mess
and I feel too happy to feel guilty about it,
I wanted good vibe, and now I got it, got the

said, in the morning
said, in the morning time

Fill me up a cup full of sunbeams,
they are streams that I just can't hold
Lift me up and I'll grab piece of Heaven,
and I'll give it to you as a present
'Cause I love you
and I know you love me too,
but why is it always so hard to make it trough
Gotta live, gotta love,
even I'm not strong enough,
it'd be cruel to play cool
when I'm floating in a pool, full of


I light my spliff and I'm feelin' irie,
this is a gift what I find there
Natural vibrations
for all my sensations,
there's no limitations for my freesoul
And I'm goin' higher
on my way to Zion,
keep the fire burnin',
'cause there's no turnin' back
Follow my emotions,
don't be precautious,
there's just too many things,
that you've got to try
And I'm feelin' alright,
all day and night,
'cause I got the sunlight in a matchbox
And I'll keep it in a safe place,
for the rest of my days
that's how I'll got the sunshune all the time

I got the sunshine,
believe me I still got the sunshining..

BGz · БГз - "Sunshine"
BGz - "Sunshine"

"Ново начало" (2012)
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