"Soul Soldier"


When I rap
you better clap N.I.G.G.A.,
'cause I'm back bigger,
then I ever was and much sicker
Dope mind bear rhymes
and ties 'em nice,
God knows I've paid the price
Trough sacrifice - no sin, no vice,
through my own faith I bring good vibes
And all them guys, like
Buddha, Muhammad, Moses and Christ
are representing my own condition -
soul soldier sent on a mission

It was really my own decision,
I have vision, not a circumcision of my faith
and a state of mind,
that's been a friend of mine
for, I don't know - like, all the time
I am high and I'm burnin',
I am fly and I'm yearnin',
I am free and I'm soulful,
so full of energy
And this is my liturgy -
I am a Smokin' G,
with a lot of Qi
And I don't preach, and I don't teach,
'cause God is in my reach
Don't fall for rich,
I vote for righteous
Nobody stands above my consciousness
If it's a test, be sure I will pass
'cause I'm with a "God Bless" passport
This is my sport and this is my spirit
I really hope that you all can hear it
I stir it up with a bit of a ambition,
'cause I'm soldier, sent on a mission

I keep my mind busy and I keep my head dizzy,
and I keep it goin' on even, you know, it ain't easy
It's hard to make art and I've got to be smart
and not to expect any kind of reward
It is a purpose and an Exodus
I am felxin' the mic check, so no vex
Plain context plays with a vortex maze,
that will go right straight through your cortex
Jah bless with a gandja caress
this living quest, that only lyrics express
confidence in my intuition,
'cause I'm a soldier, sent on a mission

bggz rubbit · Soul Soldier
bggz rubbit - "Soul Soldier"

"Soul" (2016)
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