Put on your dancin' shoes
get in the skankin' mood
Forget everything -
it's gonna be alright
We are what we can lose
we are what we think we choose
Nowhere and nothing
is my destiny and destination

I thought this time I got it right
I thought this time that I really see the light
But now I'm back into the night
Enjoy the show and hold on tight

Oh, cry me a river
or pass me the laser beam
Fresh out of self-esteem
is now my new attitude
And I fucked up my liver
with drugs and alcohol
Fucked up my life,
but I still don't give a fuck at all

And every little piece of emotion
is lost too deep into the sea
But I'm just lookin' for devotion,
like the way it's supposed to be

Is it a coincidence
that it doesn't make any fuckin' goddamn sense
Lifetime in turbulence
on different aeroplanes
Right time on the wrong place
same story with some different names
I'm not worried, I'm just bored -
everything is like it was before

bggz rubbit · Right (live)
bggz rubbit - "Right" (live)

"Plus Infinity" (2020)
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Plus Infinity