"Rhyme & Reason"

Summertime, summertime in the city,
the weather so good and the women so pretty
and I walk around with my head held high,
lookin' for another reason to find the right rhyme

Summertime, summertime in the city,
the women so good and the weather so pretty
and I look around, season after season,
to find a new rhyme to define the same reason

Summertime and I still take it easy,
and I'm feelin' kind a sleazy
there's no way you could take away my sunshine,
I wanna feel fine, you better believe me
I got my groove on, I got my money
I grab a hold of the hand of my honey
and I walk my dog loose on the leash,
there's no way can pay me for a feelin' like this

Summertime and it's only gettin' better,
take off your sweater, it's the right kind of weather
I'm feelin' happy as I could have ever been,
there's no way you can faze me, 'cause I feel so amazing in..

The Summertime..

"And I hope for a generation,
not beyond my reach, just beyond my sight"
(Fat Freddy's Drop)

I hope for the good and I pray for the best,
Try to be calm, overcome the unrest, yes
Happiness is just around the corner,
you just have to move past and over the borders
Sometimes I like it fast, sometimes I like it slow,
but you know I like it best when I'm surfin' on the flow
Supplying rhymes for the good and the bad times,
rainy or sunny, with or without money
We keep it on, keep up, keep it on

bggz rubbit · Rhyme & Reason
bggz rubbit - "Rhyme & Reason"

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