Music saved my life,
so many fuckin' times
But if I had to do it all over again,
I won't hesitate to do it twice
'Cause everything is relative,
so I just roll with the dice
Playing nice won't pay the price,
so I'll just have to sacrifice
myself and no one else
knows what it takes and how it hurts
to re-create pain into words
Feel my soul is crashin',
burnin' down to ashes
Keepin' it chill just won't pay the bills,
keepin' it real won't make it real

'Cause reality is irrelevant,
you know that things they tend to get so absurd
In this house of cards
I always play the jack
'cause I'm smart enough
to know there's no turnin' back

And I'm stuck in the middle
between good and evil
and little by little
I got lost in the riddle
She's just to good to me
and I just let her breathe
What is to be will be
and no one but yourself can set you
your mind and free your soul
You know sometimes just gotta let it go
Can't make it up for all of the mistakes,
Wish I could bring back the smile on your face
And I just want you to know me,
it's the thing that could only
keep us together,
no matter the weather

..there's no turnin' back..
back home
ignoring the frustration
I keep my meditation
When the situation
gets so out of control,
the only thing I trust is
my free soul
and you better believe it -
you should take it or leave it
Leave it alone
'Cause I'm good as god and bad to the bone,
that's all I got, I'm holdin' on
And you better believe it..
I think you should leave it

bggz rubbit · Reality
bggz rubbit - "Reality"

"Plus Infinity" (2020)
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