"No Matter"

There's about a million things
that I would like to say to you
but it don't matter anymore
It just don't matter
no matter what I do
things just can't get better

Show me your tears
let me feel that you're alive
I'll fight your fears
for the love you got inside

Just hold on, babe
Here we're all crazy
You're the one that's gonna save me
Save me from myself

I'm done with talkin'
but you're not done with me
I feel like walkin'
but you're not gonna set me free
'Cause when you play with fire
there is always a catch
But the things that we desire
does not even match

Just hold on, babe
Yeah, we're all crazy
No one's gonna save me
save me from myself

bggz rubbit · No Matter
bggz rubbit - "No Matter"

"Plus Infinity" (2020)
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