At your age
I was at your side of the stage
My soul was free,
but my mind was in a cage
that's why I was filled with rage
But since then I've turned many pages,
my life went through many different stages
And guess what -
in the end it proved me wrong..
..hey, maybe that's why it made me do it in a song..!?
You've got to free your soul from the bondage of comprehension
You've got to release the pressure
and really ease the tension
Oh, did I mention?
That I was stuck,
my life sucked
and I was broke,
but never lost hope
and I woke up strong
Now I still don't know
what is really goin' on,
but to be free
gotta fight for my own

I got to make my own move,
I got to live my own way,
no matter what people would say,
it doesn't matter anyway
So, move!
Make it sure you go smooth,
make it sure you go sane,
otherwise it all is in vain,
and they fuck with your brain

This type of feelin'
is really healin' my soul
and I'm loosin' control
I get low with the flow,
I get high on the tide
and it makes me feel so right, it's all right
Backed up by the baseline,
fight on the front line,
this is the place
and now is the time
I'm ready, dready,
keep your head bangin',
on this kind of party
you can hear me singin' this


Here I go again with a rhyme ass-kickin',
hit it one more time, 'cause my mind is trippin'
I hold my breath and my eyes turn red
I feel complete with this couplet
And sweet, sweet lovin' is taking ahold over me
This moment is making me feel so free
and alive, and I dive into my higher consciousness,
and I pray for no stress,
and obey non the less,
than the Most High
Badman, chichiman fall down by the chosen one
I've got a gun in my mouth
and I shoot with a shout this crowd,
'cause it's all about diggin' that

BGz · БГз - "Groove"
BGz - "Groove"

"Ново начало" (2012)
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