"Girl from Greece"

I met this girl from Greece,
she gave me inner peace
She gave me sweet caress,
she showed me happiness is possible
Once again the obstacle is gone
and I feel no longer alone
Was she just an imaginary girl,
fairy from the fairy-tale of love
She was a messenger of love,
she was a messenger
When I was lost in a sea of desperation,
frustration, desolation
But I was patient and I was found,
she helped me get back up again, when I was down
She gave me kiss that I've missed
for so, so long
And now I'm back to positive energy,
emerging from the deep-down-inside of my soul
I'm so full of it, you can get a bit,
if you don't want something - get rid of it

Bring me back my soul, and she..
And it feels so right,
so, so right

Brown hair, deep green eyes,
she had no sign of disguise
She said she wanted to kiss me
and I took her outside,
and than she said that I'm the perfect guy
I said "You're the perfect girl,
that I've met in the whole wide world,
please stay or let me come,
don't let this love undone"
And she said "But I've got a boyfriend,
he is not the right, but I don't want to hurt nobody no more
If it's meant to be, we will meet again"
and then she walked trough the door, but she..

Now she's on the road to somewhere
and not that she don't care,
she's just a messenger
for the love in the world
And she regained my hope
of love, and then I wrote
this song to remind me of her
She was my guardian angel, and she..

bggz rubbit - "Girl from Greece"

"bggz rubbit" (2011)
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bggz rubbit (2011)