Look your face in the mirror,
can't you see your memories are kickin' in
Stop your self-destruction
There's more than that, don't give me no crap,
I don't live like a fugitive

I want it, I'll take it
anyway, 'cause I can't make it
By my own, I feel so alone,
like an invisible sun
There's no fun and there's no joy,
I feel like old and useless toy
Thrown out in the trash can,
soon I'm gonna crash and
Still it seems that in my dreams
is the only place that I can feel
Emotions that I need and
devotion that I breathe, yeah
Give me some and give me all,
wanna rise and never fall
Down back to the ground,
I'm protected by the sound

I've been spending most of my life in a strife,
but I'm still not wondering why
And I try, Lord knows - the harder it gets, yeah,
harder I push, stop that beatin' 'round the bush, come on
Light up the kush and make it shine, yeah,
wake up your soul, got to unwhine it
End of the track, got to rewind,
it's all there - you gotta find it!
Watch it, work it! Wicked, is it?
Got to take it easy!
Please me, I hate to do it on my own,
working my fingers to the bone
And I'm moving on, and I'm grooving on,
and I'm growing up, and I keep it up
And I just can't stop, 'cause I like to rap,
man, you know when you "hip", then you got to "hop", so..

BGz · Fugitive (live)
BGz - "Fugitive"

"Studio Live" (2021)
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